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About Us

About Electronic Industries Association of India

Government of India has created a focused policy for attracting investment, providing incentives, identifying land for manufacturing clusters etc. Electronic Industries Association of India took the early initiative to establish first few Green field clusters under National Electronics Policy 2012 in India. Electronic Industries Association of India believes that this policy will give a major boost to the manufacturing of Electronic Products in India

Clusters Advantages:

  • Increased productivity of the companies in the cluster
  • Driving innovation in the industry segment
  • Cutting down the unproductive costs and reduction of overall costs through shared resources
  • Offers critical mass for customization of interventions
  • Provide economies of scale in operation
  • Better access to customers, technology, information
  • Cheaper access to inputs, raw materials
  • Ensures that environmental safety standards are maintained

Electronic Industries Association of India Model Cluster for Sustainable Growth

Broad Parameters of the Cluster Park are envisaged as follows:
  1. Gross Area 100 Acres
  2. 50-60 Acres for Manufacturing Units
    • Total 40-50 Manufacturing Units
    • Plot Areas of 2, 1 and 1/2 Acres
    • May be a combination of SEZ and/or DTA Units
  3. Manufacturing & Facilities Support Complex
    • Test & Certification; Tool Room; Design House
    • Plastic Moulding; Sheet Metal; Packaging
    • IT/Communication Centre
    • Common Training/ Convention Centre
    • Workers Housing Complex & Related facilities
  4. Balance 40-50 Acres for Utilities, Roads, Backup Power generation, Water supply, Welfare facilities etc.
  5. Financial support by central and state government through investments in infrastructure
  6. Managed by Association of Users(SPV) along with representatives of Central &State government, Industry Associations and other stakeholders
As a model Cluster which supports the environment and social causes, the following facilities and infrastructure are proposed:
  1. Rain Water Harvesting
  2. Energy saving infrastructure with LED /Solar Lighting
  3. Green Belts and adequate Green cover to support the environment
  4. Back-up Power facility for all manufacturing units avoiding installation of individual diesel generator sets which results in wastage of fuel and energy
  5. Skill Development and Training Centre for Workers to enable continuous enhancement of skills and capabilities
  6. Facilities for Housing of workers in hygienic and healthy conditions
  7. Facilities for women workers children and playschool/ crèche etc.
  8. Hospital /Dispensary for urgent medical requirements