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Genesis and Development of ELCINA Bhiwadi Cluster

Electronic Industries Association of India (ELCINA) was established in 1967 as the first industry association supporting electronics hardware, when India’s electronics industry was still in its infancy. The Association serves as an interactive forum for electronics and IT hardware manufacturers and actively interacts with the Central and State governments and advises it on policy and business environment issues.

The Ministry of Electronics & IT (erstwhile Department of Electronics & IT) launched the Electronics Manufacturing Cluster Scheme under the “National Policy on Electronics 2012” for setting up large number of Electronics Manufacturing Clusters (both Greenfield and Brownfield) across the Country.

Encouraged by this Scheme, the ELCINA Cluster in Bhiwadi was conceived by the Association members with a view to overcome cost disabilities and provide an eco-system which would enable manufacturers in India to compete with global suppliers. Subsequently, ELCINA members created a new company – “ELCINA Electronics Manufacturing Cluster Pvt. Ltd.” - Special Purpose Vehicle; a company formed solely to develop and maintain the infrastructure in the Cluster as per the guidelines laid by Ministry of Electronics & IT under EMC Scheme 2012.

ELCINA Electronics Manufacturing Cluster, Bhiwadi
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Name of the Promoter (SPV):

ELCINA Electronics Manufacturing Cluster Private Limited

Location of EMC:

Plot No. SPL-1, IA Salarpur, Bhiwadi, Rajasthan

Area of EMC:

Total area: 100.70 acres

Area for Phase I: 50.34 acres (Project to be implemented in 2 phases of 50 acres each)

EMC Scheme Assistance:

The Grant-in-Aid of Rs. 20.24 Crore from MeitY, Govt. of India under the EMC Scheme

Plotted Area for Units (Phase-I):

30.62 acres (Industrial Plots: 30)

Plots Allotted to Units (Phase-I):

28.46 acres (Industrial Plots: 27)

Estimated Project Cost (Phase-I):

Rs. 96.95 Crores (including land cost)

Proposed Investments by Units:

Rs. 700 Crores (approx.) in Phase- I

Rs. 1,000 Crores (Estimated) in Phase- II

Indicative Employment (Phase-I):

Direct employment: 5- 6,000

Indirect employment: 10-12,000

The Phase-I of the Cluster is Operational since October 2019. The notable ESDM products manufactured / proposed to be manufactured in the Cluster are Air Conditioners & Parts of Air Conditioners, Semiconductor ATMP, Electronic Fuel Injection Systems & IC Connectors for Two and Three Wheelers, Auto Electronic & EV Charging Components, Electronic Components, Solid State Devices, Scientific Instruments, PCB Assembly / EMS Services, Stabilizers, Transformers, Solar Lanterns, HDMI Players, Multi Media Speakers, Low Voltage Cables, Ferrite Core for Transformers etc.