ADD ELCINA Electronics Park, Annur, Tamil Nadu

ADD-ELCINA Electronics Park Pvt Ltd - – Special Purpose Vehicle, A company formed solely to Develop and Maintain the infrastructure in the Cluster as per guidelines laid by Department of Electronics & IT, Government of India under Electronics Manufacturing Cluster Scheme.

Size of the Cluster – 157 acres

Location of the cluster – Annur Taluk, Coimbatore District in the state of Tamil Nadu

Project Status

  1. Part of Mega Industrial Park owned by ADD INDUSTRIAL PARK(TAMIL NADU) LTD (AIPL); Supported & Approved by Govt of Tamil Nadu.
  2. Promoters: ADD INDUSTRIAL PARK (TAMIL NADU) LTD (AIPL) along with Electronics Industry Association of India (ELCINA).
  4. Initial Approval Granted to the Project under EMC Scheme of Dept of Electronics & IT, Govt of India
  5. Application for Final Approval has been filed – Approval expected shortly for Infrastructure Grant of approx. Rs 60 Crores.
  6. The site is located near the Town of Annur about 9 Km from NH 209 connecting Coimbatore and Mysore.
  7. A total of 163 saleable plots averaging at 2000 Sq Mtr/plot are being developed along with world class common infrastructure and amenities to encourage investments into the EMC.

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Common amenities and facilities

  • World class facilities and utilities akin to a SMART CITY
  • High Quality Basic Infrastructure including continuous Power Supply, Water Supply with a ZERO-DISCHARGE self-sustainable campus, Internal Roads with Bitumen surface and Water Treatment / Drainage and Sewage Treatment
  • Truck Parking: area of approximately 20000 sq. m. is planned
  • Warehouse: A central warehouse, which will be a single storey prefab covered building
  • Gatehouse and Government Regulatory Services Building at the entry point of the cluster campus
  • Administration & Training building comprising of the reception area, administration office of the EMC, business centre, conference room, auditorium, training rooms etc.
  • Manufacturing support building: will house the central manufacturing support facilities for the aid of the manufacturers including facilities for testing / certification, tool room, CAD design, R&D centre as per the needs of the cluster.
  • Employee Hostel / Guest House / Club House: Facilities for temporary stay of employees / guests within the cluster, dormitories and guest house will be provided within the EMC.
  • Medical Centre with first aid and preliminary medical facility, emergency ward and chambers for doctors for the employees of the cluster.
  • Green Area: The design ideology of the EMC has been evolved with a great thrust on GREEN technologies.
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Advantage Coimbatore

  • The second biggest city of Tamil Nadu and one of India’s fastest developing metros
  • Houses more than 25,000 small, medium and large industries
  • Consolidation of supplies and single point interface for all infrastructure and services
  • Pleasant climate owing to proximity to thickly forested regions and western Ghats
  • Strong economic links with the neighbouring districts
  • Educational hub of south India - home to several universities, engineering & medical colleges, polytechnics, arts & science colleges and a large number of schools
  • Presence of large companies like Bosch, IBM, TCS, Dell, Cognizant etc.
  • Proximity to airports, seaports and the commercial business district of Chennai enables easy movement of raw material and finished goods.

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