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Government of India has created a focused policy for attracting investment, providing incentives, identifying land for manufacturing clusters etc. Electronic Industries Association of India took the early initiative to establish first few Green field clusters under National Electronics Policy 2012 in India. Electronic Industries Association of India believes that this policy will give a major boost to the manufacturing of Electronic Products in India. Electronic Industries Association of India is promoting following clusters:


Greenfield Cluster

  ELCINA Electronics Manufacturing Cluster, Bhiwadi, Rajasthan 

Members of ELCINA Electronics Manufacturing Cluster, Bhiwadi

·    Aisan Fiem Automotives India Pvt. Ltd.
·    BGSB Concrete Solutions Pvt Ltd
·    Deki Electronics Ltd.
·    Duggar Power Products Pvt. Ltd.
·    E-pack Polymers Pvt. Ltd.
·    East India Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
·    Elin Electronics Ltd.
·    Electronics Sector Skills Council of India
·    Fusion Polymers
·    Jai Kartar Digitech Pvt. Ltd.
·    K C Jain
·    Kraft Box
·    Mrideep Consultants & Agents
·    Masayoshi Control LLP
·    Motras Scientific Instruments Pvt Ltd
·    Mercury Heatex Pvt Ltd
·    Sahasra Electronics Pvt. Ltd.
·    Sahasra Semiconductors Pvt Ltd
·    UKB Electronics Pvt. Ltd.
·    Value4tronics Enterprises LLP


Latest News

Ground Breaking Ceremony of Aisan Fiem JV on 5th April 2018

Basic Development nearing completion and Plots ready for Possession



"Manufacturing in Clusters should make high value added products competitive with Chinese products which have practically rooted out domestic high value added manufacturing which is real source of employment & capitalisation."

- Elin Electronics Ltd.


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